Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Stock for choosing Spruce St. Studios as the location for your wedding ceremony and reception.

This event was set for 160 guests with the ceremony held in Studio B and the reception held in Studio A.

Cake by Heavenly Delight Cakes. Entertainment was by DJ Rick Hedden from LiveWire DJ Service, Photography by Brett Jarnagin and catering from Niemerg’s in Effingham, IL.

Flower arrangements were from Grammy’s West Side Floral and the decor was provided by the wedding party.

Congratulations Jacque & John!

“The venue looked beautiful for Jon and Jacque’s wedding reception.

Thank you for having the tables arranged with the linens! It helped speed up the decorating process.

Renee was helpful from day one. She was and still is quick to answer all questions and offer suggestions.”

~ Brenda Gilmore – Shelbyville, IL. ~

jacque-gilmore-john-stock-wedding-GW9C0707 copy

jacque-gilmore-john-stock-wedding-GW9C0709 copy

jacque-gilmore-john-stock-wedding-GW9C0711 copy

jacque-gilmore-john-stock-wedding-GW9C0712 copy

jacque-gilmore-john-stock-wedding-GW9C0714 copy

jacque-gilmore-john-stock-wedding-GW9C0717 copy

jacque-gilmore-john-stock-wedding-GW9C0718 copy

jacque-gilmore-john-stock-wedding-GW9C0723 copy

jacque-gilmore-john-stock-wedding-GW9C0724 copy

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jacque-gilmore-john-stock-wedding-GW9C0728 copy

jacque-gilmore-john-stock-wedding-GW9C0729 copy

jacque-gilmore-john-stock-wedding-GW9C0733 copy

jacque-gilmore-john-stock-wedding-GW9C0735 copy

jacque-gilmore-john-stock-wedding-GW9C0738 copy

jacque-gilmore-john-stock-wedding-GW9C0741 copy

jacque-gilmore-john-stock-wedding-GW9C0742 copy

jacque-gilmore-john-stock-wedding-GW9C0743 copy

jacque-gilmore-john-stock-wedding-GW9C0744 copy

jacque-gilmore-john-stock-wedding-GW9C0745 copy

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jacque-gilmore-john-stock-wedding-GW9C0760 copy

jacque-gilmore-john-stock-wedding-GW9C0765 copy