Thank you Mr. & Mrs Sam Forcum for choosing Spruce St. Studios as the location for your beautiful wedding ceremony & reception.

This colorful wedding ceremony & reception combo held in Studio A was set for 70 guests with reception seating pre-staged for quick setup after the ceremony.

Vendors included DJ Stan Smart of Tower Hill, Deb’s Catering Altamont IL, Cake by Iced in Shelbyville IL and Photography by Brett Jarnagin Photography in Shelbyville.

The decor was provided by the wedding party.

Congratulations Laura & Sam!

“The entire experience with Spruce St Studios exceeded my expectations!

The venue itself was very beautiful and I loved being able to have the ceremony and reception in the same location.

The entire staff was extremely friendly and Renee was incredibly helpful and I would definitely recommend them!”

~ Laura Forcum – Ingalls, IN.~

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