Thank you Mr. & Mrs Jake Foster for choosing Spruce St. Studios as the location for your beautiful wedding reception.

Held in Studio A, this reception combo was set for 186 guests.

Vendors included Music by Kerry Campbell of All Kinds of Soundz Dj Service, Photography by Pix by Jme and cake by Janet Musser of Let Them Eat Cake.

Congratulations Taylor & Jake!

“Spruce St Studios was beautifully decorated and we loved the extra touches…i.e. lighting, tables, bar and the event staff was very helpful.

Our guests really enjoyed the event and we were very glad we chose your venue for the reception!

Thank you.”

~ Cristi Foster – Shelbyville, IL.~

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jake-foster-taylor-mcdonald-wedding-reception-8827 copy

jake-foster-taylor-mcdonald-wedding-reception-8811 copy

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