Thank you Mr. & Mrs. MacKenzie for choosing Spruce St. Studios as the location for your wedding ceremony and reception.

This event was set for 208 guests with the ceremony held in Studio B and the reception held in Studio A.

The reception featured a dessert bar with 30 cakes, our DIY DJ package and all of the decor was provided by the wedding party. Photography by Rutherford Photo Video of Decatur, IL.

Congratulations Julia & Adam!

What a wonderful venue for our daughter’s wedding and reception! The helpfulness of everyone involved was amazing.

Thank you, Renee and all your staff for helping to make our daughter’s wedding day everything she had dreamed about.

The convenience of using one facility for both the wedding and the reception was so very nice and getting from the wedding to the reception by rounding the building was perfect. The balcony was a great place for the bridesmaid to wait and also for the pictures.

I was very happy with the helpfulness of everyone in making the day so special!”

~ Patricia – Mt. Zion, IL. ~

julia higgins adam mackenzie wedding reception

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