Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Blake Hubbartt for choosing Spruce St. Studios as the location for your wedding reception.

Held in Studio A, this event was set for 208 guests.

Vendors included Music by Rick Hedden of Live Wire DJ Service, Photography by Studio 21Niemerg’s Catering in Effingham, IL. and cake by Sweet Memories in Shelbyville.

Congratulations Laura & Blake!

“We were very happy with the venue and had a great time!

I did not have to worry about anything and Sam (our event manager) was there to make sure everything was in order.

Renee, you did a great job in helping us plan the event. Laura told us that her wedding day was even more wonderful than she dreamed it would be.”

~ Mary Clucas – Rockford, IL.~

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laura-clucas-blake-hubbartt-wedding-reception-9946 copy

laura-clucas-blake-hubbartt-wedding-reception-9947 copy

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